“My fairy tarot reading was amazing – it really focused on things that were troubling my mind re a relationship and also provided some sound advice. I have had readings with Jo over a period of several years and have always found them to be illuminating and accurate”. Feedback from Paul Cappi 01.06.16

“I have had a number of readings with Joanna and I find she really can “tune” in to what is happening in my life at a particular time – she is insightful and the advice she offers in her readings, especially on an emotional level is very helpful and comforting. In a recent reading she had mentioned something quite specific about a financial gain and I must admit to a degree of skepticism at the time but Joanna was accurate I did receive a sizeable amount of money in a totally unexpected way. The magical spells she creates are special too as they seem to work in a very subtle way! There is no doubt Joanna is a genuine and caring psychic with a great gift and I feel lucky to know her xx”

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My name is Joanna but I often go by my middle name Nyxie and I have been a professional reader since 2003 although I first became aware of my gifts when I was a small child. I was Ebay UK’s longest serving metaphysical seller poshtigger – reading for hundreds of people from 2003 and I have had my own website since 2012. Please take a look at my about me/feedback page which gives and read some of the wonderful feedback I have received from delighted clients.

All of my readings carry healing energy to help guide you at this point on your life path. You will be given predictions (and I hold a high rate of accuracy) but my aim is to empower you through using my intuition to unlock the guidance of the cards so please see these more as possible “destinations”. I believe that our true purpose of our life is self discovery and to live a life that is “authentic” to who we truly are. A reading can help guide us along this journey and navigate through the ever changing and often challenging “landscapes” that we find ourselves in. Our future (and strangely enough our past) are not set in stone and can be influenced (and healed) through every thought we have, and decisions and actions we take. A reading starts therefore with this present moment but depending on how you choose to relate to the emotions and situations you are experiencing can send ripples through both past and future thus influencing these predictions/destinations. Relate to the present moment in a positive and healing manner and you can start to experience empowerment and positive transformation throughout your whole life – my genuine intention for you.


You can purchase a personal, unique reading from the store page – please choose the one you feel most drawn to at this time or click on the contact page to send me a message to discuss your requirements.

All readings are emailed; usually within 3 working days. I can usually offer a same day service so please don’t be afraid to contact me if you have a burning question and time is of the essence! I will of course be in touch very soon after your purchase to confirm when your reading will be with you.

And lastly; I also advertise the contact details of other top-rated metaphysical sellers who have built up an exemplary record of customer service/feedback. Please feel free to take a peek into each “room” of the cottage to see the services on offer & contact your seller of choice directly through the links provided.

Fairy Blessings, Nyxie x


By Law – I have to state that any service purchased is to be considered for entertainment purposes only and you must be 18+ to purchase a service.