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“I have had a number of readings with Joanna and I find she really can “tune” in to what is happening in my life at a particular time – she is insightful and the advice she offers in her readings, especially on an emotional level is very helpful and comforting. In a recent reading she had mentioned something quite specific about a financial gain and I must admit to a degree of skepticism at the time but Joanna was accurate I did receive a sizeable amount of money in a totally unexpected way. The magical spells she creates are special too as they seem to work in a very subtle way! There is no doubt Joanna is a genuine and caring psychic with a great gift and I feel lucky to know her xx”


My name is Joanna and I have been a professional psychic reader since 2003 and read for family and friends for many years before this. You may not have visited me before but just so you know that you are in safe, professional hands – I believe I was Ebay UK’s longest serving reader poshtigger until 2012 and held an amazing feedback record for my accurate, insightful, empathetic but solution-focused readings. I also ran my first website Angel and Tarot. I became aware of my gifts when I was around six years old and my life has – and always will be – a personal quest of personal and spiritual growth and development. Please see my About Me page for more information.

Why I offer readings …

I have over 20 years experience in counselling and find anything to do with the psyche and psychic fascinating! I love reading for others and my aim is to empower you through my intuition – offering guidance and messages to help clarify where you stand now, heal any issues that may be blocking your way and exploring the possibilities of the future. I feel I have developed a reading style that is hard to find; one that connects to the healing magic of other realms but channels it through to you by way of a reading that is a mixture of down to earth advice,  emotional guidance and predictions that you can keep referring back to – a kind of road map for this part of your life journey! I do a lot of work with fairies, angels, crystals and the natural ingredients of Mother Nature – I live on the beautiful Cumbria coastline and spend time out in the elements, flora and fauna  everyday and you may also find that you receive magical healing advice or suggestions given within your reading too! Please do take a look at my about me/feedback page where you can read some of the lovely comments that have been left by my clients.

How long will your reading take?

All readings are emailed between 1-3 days but sometimes during a very busy period your reading may take up to 7 days. I will be in touch very soon after your purchase to discuss what I need from you to carry out your reading.

How to purchase a reading …

To purchase a personal, unique reading from me, please go to the store page and choose the one you feel is most suitable for your needs at this time or click on the contact page to send me a message to discuss your requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Blessings, Joanna x

By Law – I have to state that any service purchased is to be considered for entertainment purposes only and you must be 18+ to purchase one of my services.